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Schneitter Fireworks Wholesale FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

One Price List

We have just one price list with open, up front pricing. 

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Why Wholesale?

Buy in bulk and save money. 

Supply your stand or your own firework needs. 

Celebrate the fourth bigger then all your friends by becoming a whole sale customer.

New in 2024

What to expect this 2024 season with Schneitter Fireworks:

  • We are continuing to grow and evolve our Schneitter Fireworks Exclusive Danger Doll Brand with beautiful design work done here in-house by your Schneitter Fireworks Service Team.

    •   NEW 500 Gram Cakes

      • Beatzilla- 24 shots with Huge bumping breaks of red, lemon & green to golden chrysanthemum. Green &

        purple mine to green with gold chrysanthemum and golden chaos. More golden chaos with red. Followed

        by a finale of blue mine to Ti-golden willow, silver palm, and golden chrysanthemum.

      • Grim Weaver- 8 shots with six shots of golden tails loudly burst into green and blue peonies, paired with

        a Ti-golden palm. Ending with a 2 shot finale of green and Ti-golden palm.

      • Sultan of the Sky- 35 shots with All with golden silk mine, Starts with golden silk willow and blue dahlia,

        followed by golden silk willow with purple dahlia. Finishing with golden silk willow with crackles.

    • We have also added more Firecrackers to the Danger Doll line-up this year carrying a 1000 roll “Pyro Puff” and “Fire Kraken” 20/100s pack of firecrackers.

      Don’t forget about all of the returning favorites, “Maneater” canister shells, 500 gram cakes “Devil Doll”, “Danger Doll” and “Victory Vixen” 350 gram cake “Sky Monster” 200 gram cake “She Bites” and 40/50s packs of “Atomic Angler” firecrackers and 16,000 roll “Megalodon” firecrackers.

  • We are so excited to welcome RIAKEO to our portfolio of brands. You will notice a few of their items in this year's catalog, and in our 1.4G Proline offerings.

  • The cost of Shipping has started to decrease on products coming in for this season and we were able to share that saving with you!

  • Visit our updated Website with new product descriptions and YouTube links.

  • We are THRILLED to announce we are carrying the new brands in our PRO LINE offerings, including items by RIAKAO as

    previously mentioned, as well as Whizz, Miracle Pro and some returning products by T-Sky again for this season.

    (In order to purchase, you must provide course certification and a signed use of intent letter.)

  • We will also again be offering a Shooters Course this Fall (for the future Professional Pyro’s). Talk to Sue to get on the

    waiting list if you are interested in attending.

  • Insurance opportunities for your business for 1.3G & 1.4G fireworks - call with questions of how we can save you money

    this season.

  • You can also check out and subscribe to our YouTube channel to find the videos of new & favorite products we carry.

  • We at Schneitters are aware of the constant struggles with the Meta Platform (Facebook and Instagram) with posting about Fireworks. Please make sure to read Meta’s new policies updated in December of 2023 please find the details at: We have a Facebook group with all kinds of Marketing information for you to help grow your business.

  • Our discount program is still available- see the top of the price list for details on what you can save!

  • We are also continuing our container programs – In-house and Direct container shipping programs available! For more

    information contact the office. Container orders Due by September 1st, 2024 for the 2025 season.

Container Program


Win/Win Philosophy

Our goal from our suppliers down to our relationship with you is all about mutual benefits for all!

We are excited to announce that we are NOW offering an In-House Container Program from our Warehouse to yours. This is a great way to avoid shortages of sell-out items, HUGE product savings, and excellent customer service with our Schneitter Service Team. We are excited to partner with you!

We partner with many different name brands:
-Brothers Pyrotechnics
-Panda (Winda & Bright Star)
-Hopkee Pyrotechnics
-Top Gun/Iron Man
-Miracle Trading Fireworks
-T-Sky Fireworks

Call us for more information on how to join our container program!


We have fireworks! Open to wholesale orders.

Email to connect at

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