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The Girls Are Back in Town

Throughout our years in the fireworks business we were constantly thinking of ways to facilitate new and exciting ways for families all over to create special memories and how we can set ourselves apart from the crowd. As our 125th anniversary grew closer, we challenged ourselves to find a way to celebrate this monumental achievement of longevity. Tracy and Stacy decided the best way to encapsulate our individuality and to recognize the hard work our family has put into the industry and our company was to create and launch our own fireworks product line. 

The process started with many conversations. We looked at a ton of options and finally chose our partners. These partners are the best of the best suppliers in China-- chosen specifically to ensure our brand, designed to represent us sisters and Schneitters as a whole-- would be worth to place our logo on. Next we sat down with a team and looked at our history, where we are at currently, and what we foresee is to come. The result of these brainstorming sessions was the birth of "Danger Doll". It is based on a World War II theme-dedicated to our father-- an Air National Guardsman with a love of flying planes. We also incorporated a beautiful woman, those of which were an inspiration to those in WWII and also represents all of the amazing and strong woman that lead the team and work with us here at Schneitters. 

The best part of this project is how much we were able to do as a team here at Schneitters. The most crucial parts of the development came from local artist on our staff, designing all packaging and our logo itself. We are happy to announce we have restocked both Danger Doll and Sky Monster, along with debuting three new products this year: Victory Vixen, Devil Doll and Maneater.

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